Human Subjects Training Requirements

All researchers (e.g., principal investigators, co-investigators, faculty sponsors, student investigators, as well as other research personnel) engaged in human subjects research need to demonstrate a basic knowledge of human research ethics, regulations, laws and local policies prior to initiating research with human subjects. At NYU, such training is assured for all research personnel who are involved with human research subjects by completing an on-line program through CITI:

New CITI users

If you are a new CITI learner, please go to On the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on “Register.” The registration process will walk you through 7 steps.

Existing CITI users (from previous institution)

If you have taken a CITI human subjects training course at another institution: please go to and log in with your existing account. Under My Courses, please select “Add Affiliation.” Please read the directions and follow the steps to affiliate with New York University. Any modules you’ve completed for another institution should transfer to the course(s) your register for under your New York University affiliation. Also, please change your preferred email address in CITI to match your NYU NetID email address (see Member Profile - Edit Profile).

All investigators (student investigators, co-investigators, faculty sponsors, etc.,) must complete either the Social & Behavioral - Basic/Refresher course or the Biomedical Research - Basic/Refresher Course, whichever is more appropriate to your scientific discipline. When registering for CITI or affiliating with NYU, select Social & Behavioral Research Investigators or Biomedical Research Investigators for Question 2 of the Select Curriculum section.

The approximate completion time can vary from learner to learner and also from module to module. We recommend allowing at least 15 minutes per module. Learners do not need to take the entire course in one sitting. Aggregate test scores of at least 80% are needed to receive a passing grade.

To save an electronic copy of the completion certificate, click on "Print Report." The report will open up as a PDF document which then can be saved (or printed for your records). You can also access your report at any time by logging into your CITI account. You do not need to provide a copy of the report to the IRB nor should you contact the IRB to obtain a copy of the record.  

Please contact CITI directly if you experience technical problems, which has an automated support knowledge base. You can also contact CITI at 888-529-5929 in the U.S. or +1 305-907-3100 Internationally (8:30am–7:30pm ET M-F) or send an email to: