Which IRB Should I Use?

The NYU Washington Square (WSQ) IRB covers most human subjects research for investigators affiliated with NYU WSQ, including those affiliated with NYU Tandon, NYU in Brooklyn, and satellite campuses (not including NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai). However, there are some instances in which NYU WSQ investigators may obtain approval from another IRB.

Cooperative Research Studies Covered under a Single IRB

A single IRB can review studies involving investigators from more than one institution engaged in human subjects research in certain circumstances. The single IRB, generically referred to as the “IRB of Record,” conducts the review for all engaged research sites. In these instances, the NYU WSQ IRB may rely on another IRB, and the WSQ investigator would not need to obtain a separate IRB approval from the NYU WSQ IRB. Conversely, The NYU WSQ IRB may serve as the IRB of Record for qualifying research. Please see our Single IRB page for more information.

NYU Grossman School of Medicine (GSoM) IRB

Studies conducted by NYU Washington Square (WSQ) investigators must use the NYU Grossman School of Medicine IRB (or another IRB designated by NYU GSoM) if they:

  1. Involve the use of NYU Protected Health Information (PHI) subject to HIPAA;
  2. Involve the use of NYU Langone Health clinical data (identified or de-identified);
  3. Enroll NYU Langone Health patients, takes place within an NYU Langone Health facility, or uses NYU Langone resources or funding; or
  4. Engage investigators whose primary appointment is with GSoM and draw their salary from GSoM, including WSQ student investigators with GSoM advisors/faculty sponsors.
These studies do not also need to obtain approval from the NYU WSQ IRB.
NYU Abu Dhabi IRB
Studies in which all participants will be located in the United Arab Emirates should obtain approval from the NYU Abu Dhabi IRB. They do not also need to obtain approval from the NYU WSQ IRB.
Other Instances

The NYU WSQ IRB primarily reviews social, behavioral, and educational research, so it cannot review studies that:
  1. Involve FDA-regulated drugs or devices (e.g., INDs or IDEs); or
  2. Require certain biomedical expertise to conduct an IRB review.
Investigators conducting biomedical research at the Washington Square Campus should contact the WSQ IRB office for guidance.
NYU WSQ investigators conducting research that fits the criteria above may obtain IRB approval from:
  • The NYU GSoM IRB: Depending on the study, the NYU GSoM IRB may charge a review fee. See the NYU OSP Wiki for information about obtaining the fee structure.
  • BRANY IRB: The BRANY IRB is an independent, commercial IRB that NYU WSQ has established a contract with a fixed fee schedule. See the NYU OSP Wiki for additional information about the fee.
  • Another IRB: Investigators intending to obtain approval from another IRB should contact the NYU WSQ IRB before submitting an IRB protocol to or executing an agreement with the other IRB.