Typically, an exception to mandatory Title IX reporting applies when disclosures are made in the context of human subjects research that is under the oversight of the NYU Washington Square Institutional Review Board (WSQ IRB). If the research is focused on certain topics, such as sexual or gender-based bullying, discrimination, harassment, and violence, researchers will be asked to add specific language to the consent form and provide additional resources for participants (see below). While disclosures under Title IX in the context of research are generally not required to be reported, researchers are encouraged to provide participants with the name and contact information for the Title IX Coordinator.

The exception described above applies only to researchers to the extent that they obtain information while conducting human subjects research under the oversight of the NYU WSQ IRB.


The following language should be included in consent forms for research addressing issues covered under Title IX:

“Except in rare circumstances, researchers will not share information with NYU’s Title IX Coodinator that you may disclose in the course of this study relating to sexual or gender-based bullying, discrimination, harassment, and violence (which would normally be required to report to the Title IX Coordinator). You accordingly should be aware that disclosures made during [interviews/surveys/focus groups] will generally not trigger a report to the Title IX Coordinator for purposes of informing the reporting party about available resources and assessing whether a Title IX investigation is warranted. Please see the list of resources below if you wish to seek assistance.”

Consent forms should also include the following contact information for individuals seeking assistance:

NYU Contact Information:
Wellness Exchange & Crisis Response Counselors (CRCs): 212-443-9999
Student Health Center (SHC): 212-443-1000
Counseling & Wellness Services: 212-998-4780
S.P.A.C.E. & Respondent Services: 212-998-4790

Title IX Coordinate:; 212-998-2352
Office of Equal Opportunity:; 212-998-2352

Secure Online Form:
Public Safety: 212-998-2222; 7 Washington Place, New York, NY.

Community Contact Information:
Rape Crisis Centers are located within:
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Victim Services Program:
317 E. 17th Street, 4th Fl., New York, NY; 212-420-4516
Bellevue Hospital Victim Services Program:
462 First Ave. (at 27th St.), Ground Fl., #GA68, New York, NY; 212-562-4730/3755

*Medical forensic examination services are available at each of these hospitals.

Ways To Report to Law Enforcement:
NYPD/Emergency: 911; NYPD Special Victims Division: 646-610-7272
State Police Sexual Assault 24-Hour Hotline: 844-845-7269