April 2020

Dear Faculty, Researchers and Staff:

Last April, I sent a memorandum regarding research and foreign engagement related to the government's interest in protecting intellectual property created at US universities with an emphasis on results from federally-funded research. This is a reminder that any research supported in any form by any sponsor - domestic or foreign - must be conducted in accordance with US laws and NYU policies involving intellectual property, export controls, conflict of interest, conflict of commitment and research data management.

To follow up on Provost Fleming’s request that faculty complete NYU’s Annual Survey on Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest by May 11, I want to reiterate the importance of ensuring disclosures are complete.  I also want to remind you of the policies and procedures that guide our efforts to remain compliant.

The annual survey was updated to include questions to facilitate disclosures regarding foreign engagements, including honorary and visiting academic appointments and involvement in talent programs, to meet requirements for US government funding to support research and sponsored activities. Once completed, that information will be available to you whencompleting the research-specific disclosures required during proposal submission or the establishment of an award.

The National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, in an effort to reduce administrative burden, have issued the following guidance:

We encourage you to use SciENcv and these guidelines for all federal and non-federal sponsors.

We continue to review all foreign sponsored arrangements and gifts, including agreements and talent program support, to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and NYU’s policies. Recall that Huawei funding is under particular scrutiny, and NYU continues to accept gift funding in accordance with a detailed review process.

My office continues to advise our research community and contribute to tools including the Guidelines for Technology in Faculty Research which helps identify, classify, and protect research data and advises on traveling with technology and technical data. Our goal is to support NYU’s scholarly activity and protect NYU faculty in the U.S. and abroad.


Stacie Bloom
Vice Provost for Research