Undue Foreign Influence: Risks and Mitigations

This free course provides university faculty, students, and others involved in international engagement with a concise overview of the risks and mitigations associated with undue foreign influence.

Learners will begin by reviewing the key concepts related to claims of undue foreign influence on the U.S. academic and research environment, including the publicly voiced concerns of federal funding agencies, federal law enforcement, and Congress. They will then learn about how undue foreign influence conflicts with the principles of research integrity, as well as the reporting requirements, U.S. government actions, and effective university practices that address undue foreign influence.

As a critical component of mitigating the risks associated with undue foreign influence, learners will further explore key cybersecurity practices, federal security and control regulations, and data privacy laws applicable to federally funded research activities. The course will close by providing learners with potential strategies to ensure that compliance with certain technology control and security requirements does not create unexpected conflicts with nondiscrimination laws.

The course includes four modules and is free to any NYU faculty member, employee or student with an NYU email address.

Course modules:

  • Introduction to Undue Foreign Influence Impacts and Concerns in Academia
  • Reporting, Research Integrity, and Effective Practices to Manage Undue Foreign Influence Risk
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance Considerations for Safeguarding Research
  • Nondiscrimination Considerations When Managing Undue Foreign Influence