Summer in Athens is for NYU undergraduates of all majors. For full information including dates, courses, application deadlines, and costs, please visit the Summer in Athens homepage.

Summer in Athens strives to provide students with a means of understanding Greek culture within the context of lived experience. Special emphasis is placed on visiting and exploring significant cultural and historical sites, not only in Athens but also in other parts of Greece. Field trips, cultural activities, and guest lecturers constitute an integral component of the program. 

Collage of photographs from previous Summer in Athens trips. Left: Students visit the Greek islands; Right: Students visit a museum

In 2018, Summer in Athens celebrates 20 years under the direction of Professor Helen L. Thedoratou, Director of the Program in Hellenic Studies at NYU.
Dr. Helen L. Theodoratou

Liana Theodoratou, PhD
Clinical Professor and Director of Program in Hellenic Studies