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Inside American Politics 2019, October 28th and 29th
Political experts and strategists joined the John Brademas Center for a dialogue on the current political landscape in Washington in partnership with the NYU Global Research Institute in Athens.
This group of political insiders assessed current political dynamics as we prepare for the 2020 presidential election. The panel shared their insights and perspectives on how domestic and international events may influence public opinion in the lead up to the primaries and election.

1st day panelists: 1) Pat Egan, Michael Steele, Kiki McLean, Steve McMahon. Moderator: Lynne Browwn

2) Pat Egan, Jonathan Capehart, Jonathan Martin, Betsy Fischer. Moderator: Lisa Benenson

2nd day panelists: 1) Joel Benenson, Rob Collins, Doug Thornell, Elise Jordan. Moderator: Betsy Fischer Martin

2) Jonathan Capehart, John Anzalone, Michael Steele, Kiki McLean. Moderator: Jonathan Martin

Inside American Politics Athens 2019