This KAIST-NYU collaboration in cybersecurity will build on our complementary and synergistic strengths in research, education, and outreach. The collaboration will focus on security and resiliency of the emerging, AI-enabled world by investigating both “AI for Security” and the “Security of AI.”

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Photo of the cyber AI research group with NYU President, Linda Mills


Research is organized into four panels aligning with our complementary strengths to explore collaboration in:

  • Software and system security
  • Privacy-preserving computing
  • Human aspects of security (e.g. biometrics, mis/disinformation, privacy of IoT, wireless, legal)
  • Robotics+5G+Security 

Additional areas of collaboration include:

  • Healthcare, biomedical and medical device security (e.g. MIoT/IoMT)
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Intersection with other centers around AI security (e.g. AI, healthcare/biomedical, robotics)


New education programs at the undergraduate, MS, and Ph.D. levels are being developed, as follows:

  • An undergraduate minor in Cybersecurity (awarded by KAIST based on NYU courses)
  • A “Build Your Own Masters” MS program with a privacy engineering concentration
  • A Dual Degree PhD


This collaboration will build on NYU Center for Cybersecurity’s world-renowned outreach activities, including its industry contacts (e.g. Cyber Fellows Advisory Council and Cybersecurity Lecture Series) and CSAW, the most comprehensive student-run cybersecurity event in the world, featuring cyber competitions (e.g. Hack-my-robot and HACK3D), workshops, industry events  and other activities.

Faculty Participants

This list of faculty includes those that are either currently engaged or have expressed future engagement:



  • M. Walfish (System Sec)
  • J. Cappos (Software Sec)
  • D. McCoy (Malware)
  • D. Huang (IoT Sec)


  • Brent Kang (Kernel Security)
  • Insu Yun (Software Sec)
  • Sang Kil Cha (Binary Sec.)
  • Youngjin Kwon (System Sec)
  • Sooel Son (Web/App Sec)



  • F. Khorrami (Control)
  • A. Tzes (UAV)
  • Borja Garcia De Soto (Construction)
  • F. Atashzar (Medical Robotics)
  • C. Feng (SLAM)


  • Yongdae Kim (Self-driving/Drone Sec)
  • Insu Yun (Software Sec)
  • Insik Shin (Embedded Systems Sec)



  • Brendan Dolan-Gavitt (NLP Sec)
  • J. Stoyanovich (Resp. AI)
  • Q. Zhu (ML Sec)
  • N. Memon (Forensics)
  • R. Greenstadt (Privacy)
  • S. Garg (ML Sec)


  • Sooel Son (ML Sec)
  • Insik Shin (Embedded System)
  • John Kim (Arch. Sec.)
  • Minsu Rhu (Arch. Sec.)

Computing Systems


  • B. Reagen (Privacy Preserving H/W)
  • M. Shafique (Embedded ML)
  • O. Sinanoglu (H/W Sec)
  • M. Maniatakos (Arch Sec)
  • R. Karri (H/W Sec)
  • S. Garg (H/W Sec)


  • John Kim (Arch. Sec)
  • Minsu Rhu (Arch. Sec)

NextG Networks


  • C. Pöpper (Cellular Security)
  • S. Rangan (Wireless)


  • Seungwon Shin (Network Sec)
  • Min Suk Kang (Cellular Sec)
  • Yongdae Kim (Cellular Sec)
  • Insu Yun (Software Sec)

Blockchain/ Crypto


  • J. Bonneau (Blockchain)
  • O. Regev (PQC)
  • Y. Dodis (Theor. Crypto)


  • Seungwon Shin (Network Sec)
  • Min Suk Kang (Blockchain)
  • Yongdae Kim (Blockchain)
  • Jooyoung Lee (Symmetric key crypto)

Policy, Law


  • J. Germano (Cyber Crime)
  • R. Milch (Cybersecurity Law)
  • S. Rascoff (National Sec Law)
  • M. Weinberg
  • J. Schultz

Collaborative Initiatives

NYU-KAIST discussions started in Fall 2022, and our first research group workshop was held at NYU Center for Cybersecurity on February 23th and 24th, 2023. The second workshop is planned for May 15th and 16th, 2023 at KAIST in Daejeon, South Korea.