NYU High Performance Computing resources power biological research

NYU Assistant Professor of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics Stefano Martiniani and his team, which includes members from three universities and an industry partner, recently secured a major research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Members of the HPC group provided their expertise to the research team throughout the grant application process, and the availability of exceptional IT HPC resources and services at NYU helped secure the NSF grant. Going forward, NYU's supercomputing resources will provide Martiniani and his team with the processing power needed to conduct ground-breaking work.

From the press release:

The development of machine learning models that can predict the properties of unseen and yet-to-be-discovered molecules and materials is poised to play a critical role in addressing humanity’s great challenges. NYU Arts & Science will be at the forefront of that effort through the work of Stefano Martiniani and the team he leads, which was recently awarded a $4.5M grant from the National Science Foundation.

Read the full press release: NYU Arts & Science Physicist-Chemist Stefano Martiniani Awarded $4.5M NSF Grant to Develop Large Scale Predictive Machine Learning Models (NYU Arts and Sciences)