NYU and Qunnect Transmit Quantum Information Over 10 Miles in NYC

New York University's Center for Quantum Information Physics (CQIP) in collaboration with Qunnect successfully established a 10-mile quantum networking link between the Brooklyn Navy Yard and NYU's Manhattan campus using Qunnect’s quantum-secure networking technology. During this trial, Qunnect and NYU’s Center for Quantum Information Physics (CQIP) sent “qubits” over fiber optic cable at 15,000 pairs/second with a remarkable 99% uptime. 

In the press release, NYU’s vice provost for research and chief research officer, Stacie Grossman Bloom, highlighted:

This foundational achievement sets the stage for expanding an underground, high-capacity fiber optic network. This network will seamlessly link NYU to other NYC institutions, from financial hubs to tech giants, all through cutting-edge quantum communication. 

Read the full press releaseNYU Takes Quantum Step in Establishing Cutting-Edge Tech Hub in Lower Manhattan (NYU News)