From Astrophysics to the Ancient World

Research Tech in Science, Art, and the Humanities

Research Highlights

Research and Instructional Technology Is...

Powering groundbreaking research with high performance computing and networking

From the Greene supercomputer to the High Speed Research Network, we're developing tools and resources for researchers who need high-speed, high-capacity, high-demand computing.

Using 3D printing and scanning to expand the capabilities of art, science, and medicine

At LaGuardia Studio, researchers and artists from across NYU—and beyond—are seeking out the cutting edge tools and staff experience that enable them to take their project to make the most of 3D technology.

Empowering researchers, journalists, and historians with data

Data Services provides tools that enable researchers, students, and faculty to collect, analyze, and display data in ways that help us understand the meaning behind the information.

Archiving the past and bringing the analog world into the digital era

Digital Library Technologyu Services is helping historians, archivists, and researchers digitally preserve important documents, books, photos, video, and other media.