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Enrollment Verification

The Enrollment Verification documents students' enrollment status in the current and past terms. Enrollment certifications are frequently needed to verify eligibility for health insurance coverage or for certain types of financial aid.

NYU has procedures for obtaining enrollment verification documents documents for students and for third-party requesters.


Student request procedure - Albert

View/print your enrollment certification directly from Albert via the "Request enrollment verification" link in the "My Academics" section of Student Center. Students have 18 months from the time of their last active enrollment to access this feature.

Eligible students are also able to view/print a Good Student Discount Certificate, which can be mailed to an auto insurer or any other company that requests proof of status as a good student (based on cumulative GPA).

For all students whose last active enrollment has been 18 months or more from today, please follow the instructions below.



Student request procedure - Signed Letter

Requesters can mail, fax or email (with attachment) their signed letter requesting an enrollment verification:

  • Fax: (212) 995-4154
  • Mail: Office of the Registrar

    Academic Records

    P.O. Box 910

    New York, NY 10276-0910

  • Email: (include your signed letter as an attachment)

Include the following in the request letter:

  1. University ID Number
  2. Current Name and any name under which you attended NYU
  3. Current Address
  4. Date of Birth
  5. School of the University attended
  6. Dates of Attendance
  7. Date of Graduation
  8. Full Name & Address of the person or institution to which the enrollment verification is to be sent

Please allow seven business days for processing from the time the Office of the Registrar is in receipt of your request.

If you wish to confirm receipt of your request, please contact our office at (212)998-4280.



Third-party request procedure

To verify the enrollment or the degree of a New York University student/alumnus, use the EnrollmentVerify service available from the National Student Clearinghouse.

When asked to provide the name of the student's school, enter "New York University." For help with this service, please view the online help guide.

There is a fee for all services that are provided by the National Student Clearinghouse.