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NYU Term Withdrawal Form

Term Withdrawals can be completed on Albert. The link is available from the My Academics section of Student Center.

Access to Withdrawal Process on Albert

Please note that students in the NYU School of Law should follow the procedure outlined on the school's Leave of Absence / Withdrawals webpage. For Stern MBA students, please see the school's Leave
of Absence procedure

You should proceed with the process if you want to withdraw from ALL of your classes for the current semester.

Complete the form if you are doing any of the following:

  • Withdrawing from all of your classes (term withdrawal)
  • Withdrawing completely from the University (total withdrawal)
  • Taking a Leave of Absence

Graduate students: you must complete the form even if you also drop all your courses online via Albert.

You do not need to proceed with this process if:

  • You are dropping/adding individual classes but will remain enrolled
  • You will have a half-time or full-time equivalency for the semester (Graduate students only)
  • You will maintain matriculation for the semester

Note to Financial Aid Recipients: For the purposes of determining the refund of federal student aid funds, any student who withdraws from NYU for any reason during the first 60% of any term will be subject to a pro rata schedule which will be used to determine the amount of federal funds a student has earned at the date of submission of the Withdrawal Form. A student who withdraws after the 60% point has earned 100% of the Title IV funds, if otherwise eligible. NYU aid will be adjusted according to University and department policy.

IF YOU ARE NOT CERTAIN about any of the conditions above, or about your decision to withdraw, please see your Advisor or Department before proceeding.

An email message will also be sent to you automatically at your NYU email address.

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