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Academic Advisement Report

The Academic Advisement Report is a computerized degree audit report that tracks a student's progress towards the completion of degree requirements. The report displays the courses that can be selected from to complete specific requirements and how the courses taken, including transfer, and test credit, apply towards degree requirements. The report assumes successful completion of all course work in progress and takes into consideration approved substitutions, waivers and degree exceptions. As requirements are completed, they are collapsed within the report and only outstanding requirements remain expanded.

The Advisement Report can be accessed by selecting "Academic Requirements" from the drop down menu in Albert. A "What-if Report" can also be selected to enable students to run a degree audit report based on what-if situations, such as, a potential course selection, grade, or to be audited against a completely different set of degree, major, and/or minor requirements.

The purpose of the Advisement Report is to enhance advising by providing accurate and comprehensive information that can be used in consultation with an advisor to make course selection decisions. It is an unofficial document and should be used as an advisement tool that should not take the place of meetings with an academic advisor. All students are encouraged to contact their advisor for academic and career counseling. Additionally, an advisor will be able to anticipate problems and make adjustments to a program, when necessary.

It is important that students in the undergraduate schools consult their Academic Advisement Report in Albert to monitor their progress toward the academic program they intend to complete. Contact your advisor immediately if you believe there are any errors or discrepancies in the report or if you need to request a waiver or substitution to satisfy your program.

IF YOU EXPECT TO GRADUATE THIS SEMESTER: Please remember to view your Academic Advisement Report to ensure that all academic requirements will be satisfied by the end of the term, so that you may graduate on time. Make sure that all Dean or Departmental waivers, exemptions or substitutions are submitted to the Registrar no later than the close of the term or you will be ineligible to graduate and will have to postpone your graduation for another semester.

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