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Student Registration - Planning & Validating Your Classes

The Shopping Cart is a way for students to 'plan' their schedule for the term before the upcoming registration period. This feature will give you the ability to select classes and store them in an enrollment shopping cart. When the date and time of your registration appointment arrives you will then be able to submit the courses in your shopping cart for enrollment.

In addition, you also have the ability to 'validate' the classes in your shopping cart prior to enrollment. This feature will alert you to potential enrollment issues that may occur. By validating the classes in your shopping cart you have the opportunity to address those issues or select alternative classes in which to enroll prior to the time when you are eligible to actually enroll into those classes. Please note that successful validation of the classes in your shopping cart does not guarantee enrollment as the class could reach its enrollment limit and close prior to your enrollment attempt. Additionally, the department might update the class requisites or add an enrollment reserve.

  1. You can begin planning your schedule by clicking the Plan link within the Academics section of the Student Center.
    Screenshot of Student Center highlighting Plan link
  2. By clicking the Plan link you will be taken to the Plan tab. This tab will enable you to add classes to the shopping cart for validation.
    Screenshot of Plan tab highlighting shoppping cart link
  3. When planning your schedule, select the correct year and term and click Continue.
    Screenshot of shopping cart/select term section
  4. After clicking Continue, enter the class number. The Class number is a 4 to 5 digit code unique to the course and section. If you do not know the specific class number, you can find that number by clicking the Search button. The symbols located above your shopping cart will help you determine if a class you selected is open, closed, or closed with an active wait list.
    Screenshot of shopping cart section highlighting the term, Add to Card area and the search button
  5. After entering the class number or selecting a class from a class search, Class Preferences and additional information will be shown. Read this information carefully. Click NEXT to move forward.
    Screenshot of shoppping cart/enrollment preferences section highlighting the Next button
  6. A green text box will appear indicating the class was added to your shopping cart. Enter the next Class Number to be added to the shopping cart until your schedule is complete. If you want to remove a class from your Shopping Cart, mark the checkbox and click delete. The screenshot below is an example of a class that was placed in the shopping cart.
    Screenshot of shopping cart section highlighting the class checkoff box and delete button
  7. If you are satisfied with your choices, select the checkbox next to the class or classes you want to validate. Click the VALIDATE button. The system will check your choices for satisfying class requisites (including school exceptions), department or instructor consent, possible time conflicts, and unit overload.
    Screenshot of shopping cart section highlighting the class checkoff box and validate button
  8. You will receive a status message indicating if your selection(s) are OK to Add for enrollment. Error messages will indicate the status of a Potential Problem that may occur during the time of enrollment. You can continue to validate your classes until you are satisfied with your schedule. Click SHOPPING CART to go back to your shopping cart.
    Screenshot of validation results highlighting the status column

    Validation Error Messages
    • Time Conflict: There is a time conflict for class number XXXX and class number XXXX. There is currently a meeting time conflict for two of your shopping cart classes or a shopping cart class and one of your enrolled classes for this term. Use the class numbers to check the meeting times.
    • Department Consent: This class requires department consent. You need to obtain a permission number from the department to enroll into this class.
    • Instructor Consent: This class requires instructor consent. You need to obtain a permission number from the instructor to enroll into this class.
    • Requisite: Enrollment Requisites are not met. This could be in the form of a class restriction and/or prerequisite.
    • Maximum Unit Load: Term unit maximum would be exceeded. The system checks your selected shopping cart entries and your enrolled classes against your term unit limit. This class would exceed your limit.
    • Career Exception Rule: Permission to enroll in this class is required. The class falls outside the career of study.

      Enrollment is not allowed for this class: It is outside the Career of Study. The Add transaction was not processed. Enrollment in this class is not allowed for this academic career.
    Validation Warning Messages
    • Hold on Record: Hold on record, Add not processed. There is a hold on this record, preventing the Add from being processed. The hold must be removed to process the add transaction.
  9. When your registration appointment date and time arrives, you will be eligible to enroll for classes. At that point you have the option to submit the selected classes (marked by the checkbox in your shopping cart) by clicking the ENROLL button.
    Screenshot of shopping cart section highlighting the class checkoff box and enroll button

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