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Student Registration - Dropping Classes

  1. Click the Enrollment link within the Academics section of the Student Center.
    Screenshot of Enrollment link under the Academics section
  2. By clicking the Enrollment link you will be taken to the Enrollment tab. This tab will enable you to DROP classes.
  3. When dropping classes, select the correct year and term and click Continue.
  4. After clicking Continue, you will be taken to the drop page. This lists the classes you are currently enrolled in. Select the class(es) to be dropped by marking the checkbox then click DROP SELECTED CLASSES.
  5. A confirmation of the class(es) to be dropped will appear. Click FINISH DROPPING to complete the process.
  6. A final result and message will appear when the drop is completed. Error messages will provide more information why the drop was unsuccessful. Click MY CLASS SCHEDULE to view your schedule.

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