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Admin Albert & Brio Account Requests

University employees can request access to the following accounts:

  1. Admin Albert
  2. Brio (Basic - EPM)
  3. Internal Memo Management Application

Only those authorized to approve account requests for your School/Department can submit an account request on your behalf. See the list of all Authorized Requesters.

University account request procedures REQUIRE that all personnel requesting Admin Albert and/or Brio accounts
complete the online Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) tutorial. Once completed you must also fill out and submit the displayed form, which will generate an automated email notification message to the SIS Office.

You can submit account requests using our new online Admin Albert & Brio Account Request form.

For help with various SIS functions, training documents are available on the SIS Training website. Please note that access to certain roles requires training that is available through iLearn. Also see the list of role based training details.

How to access iLearn:

  1. Login to NYUHome
  2. Click on the Work tab
  3. Scroll to find the NYUiLearn login button and click on 'NYUiLearn Login' (Note: You must allow pop-ups to view the NYUiLearn page)
  4. Click on Search the Course Catalog
  5. Use the Category drop down and select Albert Training
  6. View the courses (i.e. CS 100, CS 101, CS 200, CS 201, CS 901)
  7. Follow the steps to enroll

If you have any questions, you can contact the SIS Office at (212) 998-4848.