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Account Request Form Guide

Step 1

Visit the overview page; from here you can view important information regarding the request process and access the login page by clicking the "Student Information Systems Account Request form" link.


Note: You can view all training requirements for the roles you may be selecting by visiting the role based training details page.

Step 2

On the login screen of the Account Request form, enter your NetID and password; then select either "New Request Form" or "Account Request History."


Step 3

If you selected "New Request Form," make sure the information at the top of the request, in the "Requester Information" section is correct. Contact the Registrar's office if any information is incorrect.

Step 4

From the "Request Type" drop down select either "New Account," "Modify Account" or "Delete Account."

  • Select Modify Account to add or remove specific roles or departments to an existing account. You can select which action you would like to take from the "Action Requested" drop down that appears after selecting Modify Account.
  • Select Delete Account whenever an employee leaves the University or is transferring from your department to another. The new department will create a new account request for the employee.

Step 5

Pick an effective/due date for the account request. Further details related to the request can be specified in the optional comments area below.

Step 6

Fill in the required details for the Account Holder.


Note: The School/Dept. field is important for roles such as Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes as it determines which courses are viewable by the account holder. Failure to specify these fields can result in improper security access.

Step 7

If you are making the same role requests for multiple users, click the "Request Account for Additional User" link. A second set of Account Holder Information boxes will appear. You can do this for multiple users who will need the same roles added to their accounts.


Step 8

Select the roles for the account. Notice that some roles require training and are marked with an asterisk. More information about the roles and training requirements can be seen by clicking the description link next to the role.


Step 9

Click the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of the page. A pop-up will appear to confirm submission. On the next page you will see your request number and details about the submitted request.


Make note of your request number. You can use it to view the status of your request using the Account Request History page.

For information on using the Account Request History page, click here.

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