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The Dialectics of Liberty: Review in "The Independent Review"

The Dialectics of Liberty: Exploring the Context of Human Freedom has been reviewed in the pages of The Independent Review (Summer 2020). The review, written by Kathleen Touchstone, can be found here. Keep up with the flow of reviews (many are forthcoming!) here.

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Kathleen Touchstone writes:

"The Dialectics of Liberty . . . includes eighteen essays written by nineteen authors. The essays draw from a variety of disciplines which include aesthetics, economics, psychology, history, and philosophy. It is the first collection of works on this subject by scholars with this range of disciplinary diversity. Dialectics of Liberty represents an important contribution in advancing dialectical libertarianism."

After surveying all the essays in the book, Touchstone offers a comprehensive discussion of the various themes. She concludes:

"Challenges to freedom of speech and other cultural changes are in need of systematic analysis. Dialectics of Liberty offers perspectives from authors spanning a variety of disciplines on how this analysis could proceed for those willing to take up this challenge. I invite those interested to read DOL. The invitation is not limited to practitioners. The book covers a variety of subjects. There is something to interest virtually anyone."