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Long Overdue Thanks for Pod Shout-Outs

I have been so busy meeting deadlines, and have not had an opportunity to express some long overdue appreciation to several colleagues and friends for giving me a shout-out in their various podcasts.

o To Steve Horwitz who mentioned me in an interview with Ari Armstrong, while discussing his book, Hayek's Modern Family, here (16 February 2020).

o To Anastasiya Vasilievna Grigorovskaya who mentioned me in her talk, "Ayn Rand's Artistic Work in the Russian Context" at the Ninth International Conference of the Hayek Institute and the European University (Center for Modernization Studies) on "Capitalism and Freedom" (live streamed on 20 June 2020) here (yes, it's in Russian!).

o To Daniel Bastiat who discusses some points from my book, Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical on his "Stateless Atheist" podcast, "7 Things Atheists Should Stop Saying" here (7 July 2020).

o To Sheldon Richman, whose talk, "Context-Keeping and Community Organizing" (which also appears in the superb volume Markets Not Capitalism [pdf link]), mentions my dialectical method here (1 June 2015).

o To Pasquale Cascone, my neighbor downstairs, who is co-host of the "Majority Rules, NY" podcast, who gave a shout-out to me, during a 27 June 2020 discussion of "They Say Opposites Attract?", here. (It's a really entertaining show! Check out past episodes!)

I encourage listeners to subscribe to all the channels of the folks above! And thanks again!

Postscript: Oh, and thanks to this sweet squirrel for making my day!