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Cali Turns 3: Long Live the Queen!

Back on May 17, 2018, our little Cali the Cat entered our lives, only to celebrate her first birthday with us on June 21st of that year. She has been a source of joy, mystery, entertainment, hilarity, and love.

We celebrated the Terrible Twos last year, but we've been warned by child psychologists that the Threes can be Just as "Terrible", with observations that are obviously just as applicable to cats as they are to kids!

For kids, "at two, they can barely talk. At three, they never shut the hell up." Well, Cali hardly meowed when she was younger. Now she has a variety of sounds that tell you exactly what she means.

For kids, "at two, they are distracted by a box of Gerber Puffs at the grocery store. At three, they want to dictate your entire food list." Clearly applicable to cats.

For kids, "at two, manipulation is the last thing on their minds. At three, they own you. And they know it." Yep!

And that's why she's gone from a Diva to the Queen of this Castle!

Happy birthday to our baby! Many more happy and healthy returns, with mucho love from all of us!


Finally, this proud Daddy is happy to say that his baby daughter wished him Happy Father's Day after I kissed her belly... from which I escaped unscathed! (And a Happy Father's Day to all the other Dads out there!)