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Coronavirus (26): Gallows Humor In These Times

So I was watching the Daily Cuomo Coronavirus Press Conference, and on hand were comic personalities who have lived in Brooklyn: Chris Rock and Rosie Perez. And toward the end of the conference, Chris Rock cracked a joke that made me chuckle, in the grand tradition of Brooklyn Gallows Humor (remember Marisa Tomei playing Brooklynite Mona Lisa Vito in the 1992 film, "My Cousin Vinny" saying "'Cause he's dead" [Yarn link]?).

Here's the clip from the conference:

Well, not everybody thought it was funny. The clip was posted to YouTube by "The Red Right and You" who complained:

Emperor Cuomo introduced Chris Rock and Rosie Perez as his new spokespeople to communicate the importance of social distancing in New York. Towards the end of the press conference Cuomo was talking about the spring breaker who said he wasn’t going to let the virus stop him from partying. Chris then said “now he’s dead“ and Cuomo gave a great big belly laugh. Will he apologize? Just imagine if that was Trump and what the media would be saying about him joking about someone dying from the virus.

To which I replied:

Where is your sense of humor? I didn't vote for either Cuomo or Trump, but I chuckled over this, the way I regularly chuckle over things that come out of Trump's mouth. Chris Rock is hilarious... and for New Yorkers, like me, who have had neighbors dying to the left and dying to the right, this was the kind of gallows humor that has emerged in these times. Gimme a break!