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The Dialectics of Liberty: Camplin Colloquy Published on Medium.com

Medium.com has just published an edited version of a colloquy that was featured on The Dialectics of Liberty Study Group, devoted to the systematic discussion of the essays in The Dialectics of Liberty: Exploring the Context of Human Freedom, co-edited by Roger Bissell, Chris Matthew Sciabarra, and Ed Younkins.

Chapter 18, "Aesthetics, Ritual, Property, and Fish: A Dialectical Approach to the Evolutionary Foundations of Property," by Troy Camplin, was the subject of discussion from March 29th through April 4th.

It has now been published as a self-contained piece on the Medium.com site and can be viewed here.

The inclusion of Camplin's essay in this trailblazing anthology is yet one more illustration of the book's wide scope and Big Tent approach to the dialectical-libertarian research project.

Much more exciting news about the book, forthcoming reviews, and symposia to come... stay tuned!