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Coronavirus (17): Ilana Mercer on Covidiots!

On my Facebook Timeline, I put up a link to Ilana Mercer's article, "Coronavirus and Conspiracy: Don't be a 'Covidiot'"

As I said there on FB: I always read my friend Ilana Mercer's essays with great interest, and whether one agrees or disagrees with her on this or that issue, she never ceases to be thought-provoking, including in this current piece. For those who talk about this as some kind of central government conspiracy, I remember hearing the words of Murray Rothbard, who told us in his American history lectures that governments are almost incapable of engaging in vast conspiracies of this scope (knowledge problem, anyone?)... but there are always little and lethal conspiracies going on here and there, which have been, in many ways, at the root of the growth of the regulatory state.

In any event, take a look at Ilana's provocative piece!