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Jesus Was Italian (and a Happy Western Easter Tomorrow)!

If your PC sensibilities are a little sensitive today, skip this. If not, then watch this politically incorrect video, making the case that "Jesus Was Italian"...

(He's petting the "cat" the way Marlon Brando did in the opening scene to "The Godfather" [YouTube link] ... LOL

On a more serious note, I hope that all my Western Christian friends have a very Happy Easter tomorrow. I know these are tough times for lots of folks, but 'keep the faith'. :)

Postscript (12 April 2020): One FB pal posted this video, featuring Blofeld, the SPECTRE villain in "From Russia with Love" and other Bond films. I responded:

OMG... I just found out something TERRIBLE!!!! From Wikipedia:
"Ernst Stavro was born on 28 May 1908 (which is also Fleming's birthday) in Gdingen, Imperial Germany (now Gdynia, Poland); his father Ernst George Blofeld was Polish, and his mother Maria Stavro Michelopoulos was Greek, hence his Greek name Stavro. After World War I, Blofeld became a Polish national."
My maternal grandfather's last name was Michalopoulos, from Olympia, Greece (home of the gods and goddesses). That's one letter off the spelling of Blofeld's mom. Related??? And, of course, my paternal grandparents were from Porto Empedocle, Sicily (about 60 miles away from Corleone, home of the godfather). I may have gangstas on BOTH sides of my family! ;)

My FB pals had a little fun with me after that comment. GF said: "I always thought I detected in your books a latent desire to take over the world!" While JB said: "Well, I could think of a LOT worse candidates for that august position than Chris! In any case better to follow Chris's book(s) than other candidates (e.g., "The Art of the Deal." Bill Clinton's "Giving," Obamanation's tomes (which I purposefully forgot!). Bernie's "My Struggle" (I think that's the name...or maybe it was another socialist)," to which GF replied: "Sorry, Chris, but in spite of Jerry’s glowing endorsement of you, I’m not a fan of Plato’s philosopher king." To which I replied: "Nor I." To which JB replied: "Alas, the lone dialectician, crying in the wilderness!??" Which led to this final reply for me:

Even Harry Potter broke the Elder Wand in two at the end of the Deathly Hallows and threw it away. He understood that it was better not to have the power to rule. All well and good. On the other hand, the last guy to be a voice crying in the wilderness got his head chopped off and placed on a silver platter. So... I'll try to navigate between Scylla and Charybdis.