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Song of the Day #1772

I introduced this "Song of the Day" entry on my Facebook Timeline with this comment: I've had quite a week, the highlight of which was submitting to Pennsylvania State University Press the July 2020 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies... the first issue of our twentieth anniversary volume! Twenty un-freaking-believable years!!!


So I feel "like a boy" this morning, and in honor of that, I'm going to be doing my Happy Dance for a few days, highlighting mostly new pop-dance tracks.

Song of the Day: Boy, featuring the words and music of Jacob Kusher and Charlie Puth, appears on Puth's second studio album, "Voicenotes." Puth [YouTube link] is a boy with perfect pitch [YouTube link] and with a sense of humor (watch his spot-on Michael McDonald-Doobie Brothers impersonation in Jimmy Fallon's "Music Genre Challenge") [YouTube link]. Check out the album version, a live concert version [Live Nation at 1:15:14], and an Instagram jam with John Mayer [YouTube links].