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The Dialectics of Liberty Discussion Schedule Revealed!

For those who have expressed interest in "The Dialectics of Liberty" discussion group, we have now posted the schedule for the discussion, which will feature direct involvement among 18 of the 19 contributors to the volume and the members of the group.

First and foremost, we advise prospective members to get their hands on a copy of the book to enhance their reading experience, if not through retail outlets and libraries, then by ordering it from the Deep Discount Page.

For the benefit of those interested in joining the conversation (this is a private group), here is our four-month projected schedule for the discussion of this trailblazing anthology:

1. Introduction - Roger Bissell, Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Ed Younkins – February 16-22 (each of the co-editors will make a brief opening statement and then open the discussion to the larger group)

2. Chapter 1 - Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism: Chris Matthew Sciabarra – February 23-29

3. Chapter 2 - Freedom and Flourishing: Toward a Synthesis of Traditions and Disciplines: Ed Younkins – March 1-7

4. Chapter 5 - Dialogical Arguments for Libertarian Rights: Stephan Kinsella – March 8-14

5. Chapter 3 - The Unchained Dialectic and the Renewal of Libertarian Inquiry: John Welsh and ...
Chapter 4 - Whence Natural Rights?: Douglas Den Uyl and Douglas B. Rasmussen – March 15-21

6. Chapter 6 - Dialectical Psychology: The Road to Dépassement: Robert L Campbell – March 22-28

7. Chapter 18 - Aesthetics, Ritual, Property, and Fish: A Dialectical Approach to the Evolutionary Foundations of Property: Troy Camplin – March 29-April 4

8. Chapter 8 - Free Speech, Rhetoric, and a Free Economy: Deirdre McCloskey – April 5-11

9. Chapter 9 - Exploring the Interconnections of Politics, Economics, and Culture: Robert Higgs – April 12-18

10. Chapter 10 - Context Matters: Finding a Home for Labor-Managed Enterprise: Dave Prychitko – April 19-25

11. Chapter 11 - The Dialectic of Culture and Markets in Expanding Family Freedom: Steve Horwitz – April 26-May 2

12. Chapter 12 - Up from Oppression: Triumph and Tragedy in the Great American Songbook: Roger Bissell – May 3-9

13. Chapter 13 - Why Libertarians Should Be Social Justice Warriors: Roderick Tracy Long – May 10-16

14. Chapter 14 - Radical Liberalism and Social Liberation: Gary Chartier – May 17-23

15. Chapter 9 - Don Lavoie's DIalectical Liberalism: Nathan Goodman – May 24-30

16. Chapter 15 - Social Equality and Liberty: Billy Christmas – May 31-June 6

17. Douglas B. Rasmussen and Douglas Den Uyl return to chat about their chapter (see Chapter 4 above) – June 7-8

Finale: An Exchange on the Strategies for Change - Kevin Carson and Jason Lee Byas – June 9-20 (and beyond, if necessary):

18. Chapter 16 - Formal vs. Substantive Statism: A Matter of Context: Kevin Carson – June 9-14

19. Chapter 17 - The Political is Interpersonal: An Interpretation and Defense of Libertarian Immediatism: Jason Lee Byas – June 15-20

We certainly expect the conversation to continue... but this is the finalized schedule (barring any unforeseen circumstances) for the Dialectics and Liberty Group discussion. Check out the abstracts for the above articles here.