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"The Dialectics of Liberty" Discount Delight: The Paperback is On The Way!

Are you tired of the state of the world? Do you feel as if you have clowns to the left of you and jokers to the right, and that your proclivities for human freedom might as well be tossed aside because you're doomed to live forever in a filled-to-capacity statist madhouse [YouTube link]?

Have no fear! The Dialecticians of Liberty are here!

And you can find a wide variety of them in The Dialectics of Liberty: Exploring the Context of Human Freedom, co-edited by Roger E. Bissell, Edward W. Younkins, and me, published by Lexington Books as a hardcover in June 2019. It is forthcoming very soon (between late February and mid-March) in an affordable, quality softcover edition!

We are happy to announce that we have a very limited supply of paperback copies of this trailblazing anthology, which has been deeply discounted. Check out the details here. Pre-order while supplies last!

And that’s not all!

We have also set up a moderated Facebook discussion group in which the authors featured in this provocative volume will interact in a structured and constructive way with all those who are eager to learn about the powerful potential inherent in a dialectical-libertarian approach to social theory and social action. This is no mere research project but one that unleashes a multitude of strategies for changing the state of the world in which we live. Indeed, as the cover of the book suggests, you have nothing to lose but your chains.


Come join the party!