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Mystery Solved: Cali: Calico or Tortoiseshell Cat?

So yesterday, Cali went in for her annual shots and general check-up and our top-notch vet and dearest friend, Dr. Linda E. Jacobson, found her in excellent health. Our little baby behaved with complete subdued gentility---no running around at top speed, no climbing on furniture, no dropping of large objects that make loud noises in the middle of the night, no mischief whatsoever. In other words: Nothing like she is at home.

But for those who have followed Cali's 2+ year journey as a member of our family here, here, and here, we had thought Cali was a Calico cat (from which her name was derived).

As it turns out, she's actually a Tortoiseshell cat. Apparently, the Calico and the Tortoiseshell are very closely related genetically.

Wikipedia tells us:

In the folklore of many cultures, cats of the tortoiseshell coloration are believed to bring good luck. Dating back to Celtic times, tortoiseshell cats have been perceived to bring good fortune into their homes. Even today, the Irish and Scottish believe stray tortoiseshell cats bring them luck. In the United States, tortoiseshells are sometimes referred to as money cats.

We haven't had any recent infusions of money. But she does bring good fortune. She's about the most entertaining, loving, hilarious nutjob of a cat you'd ever want as a family member! :)

Here she is today, hanging out on top of the recliner, as we get ready to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.