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Sexiest Accents in the United States?

So Big Seven Travel surveyed its 1.5 million social followers, who ranked fifty U.S. accents from the most attractive to the least. Dead last was the Long Island accent (sorry, family members), though New Jersey came in at #49 (I don't know if this will make my friend Irfan Khawaja happy or sad).

At #3, is the New York accent. NUMBER THREE? You talkin' to me? [YouTube link]. What the hell do they know!!!???

First of all, New York has at least five distinctive accents among its borough residents from Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and of course Brooklyn. Not counting the hundreds of variations among the boroughs because of our incredibly diverse population!!! Number Three? They must be kidding! Fuhgedaboudit [YouTube link]!

At #2, is the Boston accent. Really? New Yawkers will never hear the end of it! First they take a few World Series victories after an 86-year wait, and now, this humiliation! Unbelievable.

But at #1 is... drum roll please... TEXAS. Texas???? Huh? Now I've gotta listen to my Sugar Land friend, Ryan Neugebauer, for lessons on having a sexy accent??? (Though, truth be told, I know for a fact that he's got some East Coast roots---even if New Jersey and Long Island were dead last in the survey).

Anyway, Brooklyn's still got better pizza and Junior's cheesecake!!! Top that!