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de Grom is de Best!

As anybody who is a baseball fan knows, there were few pitchers in 2018 who were better than New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob de Grom. The man had the misfortune of playing for a team that just couldn't score runs for him, explaining his 10-9 record. But as David Schoenfield of ESPN put it: "He ended the season with a stretch of 24 starts in a row where he pitched at least six innings and allowed three runs or fewer, an all-time record. Essentially, the man didn't have a bad start all season, so even though he finished with just 10 wins, it's no surprise that deGrom is your National League Cy Young winner."

The biggest tribute I can give de Grom is to say that as a New York Yankees fan, I wish he was pitching for the Yankees rather than the Mets. He's pure class all the way, and I tip my hat to "de Best" and to those who were not dissuaded from voting for him, despite his season's win-loss record. Bravo Jacob! Here's hoping that there are plenty more Cy Youngs in your future!