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JARS: New December 2018 Issue

The new December 2018 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies has been published in its electronic edition today by JSTOR and Project Muse and its print version will be on its way to subscribers shortly. This concludes our eighteenth year of publication!

In keeping with our policy of adding at least one new contributor to the JARS family with every new issue, we welcome Sara Michelle Weinman to our pages.

Here is the cover for the new December 2018 issue (Volume 18, Number 2):


Our Table of Contents includes the following essays (abstracts can be viewed here and contributor biographies can be viewed here):

The Future of Art Criticism: Objectivism Goes to the Movies - Kyle Barrowman

What’s in Your File Folder? Part 3: Differentiation and Integration in Logic (and Illogic) - Roger E. Bissell

Ayn Rand’s “Integrated Man” and Russian Nietzscheanism - Anastasiya Vasilievna Grigorovskaya

Money, Morality and the Need for Entrepreneurship - Sara Michelle Weinman

On a personal note, I have had some very nice recent exchanges with Kyle Barrowman, who has published his second opus-sized essay in JARS with this issue. Readers might be interested in Kyle's essay on "Signs and Meaning: Film Studies and the Legacy of Poststructuralism," which serves as a bridge between his first JARS essay (published in our December 2017 issue) and the current contribution. (Kyle has a penchant for bringing up Rand in some of the most unusual circles, including in a debate centered on martial arts studies).

Of course, readers will definitely be interested in catching up with Roger E. Bissell's continuing work in epistemology, as this particular article in our current issue constitutes the third part of his ongoing series which began with essays in our December 2014 and December 2015 issues. And I am also happy to present the third consecutive essay in JARS from Russian scholar Anastasiya Vasilievna Grigorovskaya, who continues to probe the connections between Rand and her native Russian context, a topic that has always interested me (to say the least). Again, we welcome Sara to the JARS family, and look forward to the continuing expansion of both our readership and our scholarship in forthcoming issues.

Those interested in a subscription to the journal should look here and those interested in submitting essays to the journal should go through Editorial Manager.

Finally, I should mention that our website will be undergoing yet another facelift in the near future. I'll have more to say about that in the coming months. Watch this space.