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JARS: A Restatement of Policy

I participated in a recent Facebook thread and wanted to reproduce here what I said there; it is simply a restatement of the publication policies of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies:

I'm just going to jump in on one principle with regard to reviews and such that are published in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. We are a nonpartisan biannual interdisciplinary double-blind peer reviewed scholarly periodical published by Pennsylvania State University Press. We are indexed by about two dozen abstracting and indexing services; we are print published and electronically accessible through JSTOR and Project Muse, which makes us available to thousands upon thousands of readers worldwide in public, private, not-for-profit, business, and educational libraries and institutions. And as we enter our eighteenth year of publication, we have published the scholarly work of over 160 writers in over 340 essays, that represents a remarkable diversity of perspectives, from left to right, and a remarkable diversity of disciplinary approaches.
To clarify our publication policy: We have published essays of varying lengths, from one-page replies to a previously published essay, to monograph-length opus-like discussions on almost every subject relevant to Ayn Rand studies, including issue-length symposia on everything from the impact of Rand on progressive rock and "Rand Among the Austrians" to "Nathaniel Branden: His Work and Legacy." And as a matter of policy, we allow our book reviewers to write essays that might be narrow in their focus or [alternatively] that might provide the reader with an opportunity to understand the book under consideration within the wider context of the larger issues it raises and within the broader scholarly literature on the subject in question. And we encourage replies to all of our articles, and invite the authors to write rejoinders to these replies.
This may be a very alien concept to a self-contained community that refuses to provide its 'sanction' to the outside world, but we remain the only scholarly university-press published journal devoted to the study of Ayn Rand and her times. Despite the chorus of JARS naysayers who have called for everything from "boycotts" to Fahrenheit 451 exercises, we are here to stay.

In other words: We're Here! We're Dear [to many]! Get used to it!