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Discovering Ayn Rand: Modern Essays on Her Ideas and Life

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) has recently published an e-book, Discovering Ayn Rand: Modern Essays on Her Ideas and Life. An essay of mine, which appeared in the January-February 2005 issue of The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty [issue PDF], entitled "Ayn Rand: A Centennial Appreciation" [PDF version], appears in the volume, which can be downloaded in various e-formats from the title link above.

That essay actually has made the rounds; it is a summary of a much more comprehensive treatment of Rand's understanding of social relations of power under statism, on display in Atlas Shrugged, which appears in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged": A Philosophical and Literary Companion, edited by Edward W. Younkins. That essay was entitled: "Atlas Shrugged: Manifesto for a New Radicalism."

Versions of the essay can also be found in a 2006 collection, published by the Liberty Institute, in India, edited by Tibor Machan, entitled: Ayn Rand at 100 and even in a Swedish translation ("Och varlden skalvde - Ett manifest for en ny radikalism") in the magazine Voltaire (March-April 2007: 18-22).

Talk about milking an essay for all that it's worth!