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Bettina Bien-Greaves, RIP

I have just learned that a dear colleague and friend, Bettina Bien-Greaves, passed away on Monday, January 22, 2018 (a hat tip to Chris Baker for letting me know).

It is with sadness that I report this; just this past July, we marked Bettina's 100th birthday. As I said in my birthday message to Bettina, she was a beautiful soul. Then, as now, her work belongs to the ages. Bettina, RIP.

Postscript: I added a few additional thoughts in the Facebook thread that linked to this remembrance of Bettina. I reproduce it here:

I have to say she was one classy human being, who had a really mischievous sense of humor. When I used to attend the Junto many years ago, sponsored by Victor Niederhoffer, I'd always end up next to her, and she'd be whispering things in my ear or poking me every time something was said that we'd both agree, was "off the wall." She was insightful, witty, sweet, and kind.
Her legacy to Mises scholarship is well known. But less well known, perhaps, was that she helped many folks with their scholarship and with getting the word out on works that she believed were of value and in need of a wider audience. She enjoyed my own books and said so, and was one of the few people who brought wider attention to the second of two Centenary Symposia that The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies published, in honor of Rand's 100th birthday. Her review of that issue, "Rand Among the Austrians" appears here.