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Holy Cow! Yanks Win ALDS - Bring on the Astros!

As Phil Rizzuto used to say, "Holy Cow!" The Yankees win three straight after losing the first two to the Cleveland Indians, and advance to the American League Championship Series to face the Houston Astros!

Go Yankees!

Postscript (24 October 2017): Well, it has taken a few days to get over the Yankees loss in seven games to the Houston Astros; tonight the World Series begins with the Astros taking on the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers. May the best team win. As for the Yankees: they went further this year than any fan could have possibly expected. May there be many more Octobers in the future of this great franchise. The current crop is brimming with youth and potential, and gave many Yankee fans a reason to cheer again.

Postscript II (27 October 2017): I was sad to learn that Joe Girardi was fired as New York Yankees manager; some folks are saying: "If he'd taken the Yanks into the World Series, he would have retained his job." Hogwash! Do people forget that Yogi Berra was fired in 1964 precisely because he didn't win the Series? Of course, I've always been skeptical as to how crucial a manager is to the success of a team. Casey Stengel presided over the Yankees during a period in which they won seven World Series; not too long thereafter he went over to manage the new New York Mets, who for the next three years lost 100+ games per season. Apparently, the Mets didn't have Mantle, Berra, Whitey Ford, etc. So much for the impact of a manager on a team. Not that managers can't affect the direction of a team in terms of clubhouse unity and strategic decisions on the field; but Joe took this young Yankee team, with so much potential, much further than anybody ever anticipated at the opening of the 2017 season. Good luck, Joe! And good luck, Yankees, on finding a manager more "suitable" to the Bronx Bombers.