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Happy 17th Birthday to Our Little Dante (The Cat)

"Well he was just seventeen, and you know what I mean..." to paraphrase a Beatles' classic; today, it pertains to our little Dante, the cat who has blessed our lives for so many years since the passing of my dog, Blondie.

Today is his 17th birthday! And he's in great company. My brother, jazz guitarist Carl Barry, was born on this date, as was jazz guitarist and harmonica player Toots Thielemans, bandleader Duke Ellington and Willie Nelson (who, as we all know, worships at the altar of jazz guitar legend Django Reinhardt). I guess you could say Dante is one jazzy cat (with that adorable pink nose and his adorable pink pads, something he shares with his late step-sister, our dog Blondie)!


In this collage, going across: at the top left is Dante with one of his parents (me); Dante laying on financial statements (intent on not letting me pay the bills); Dante in his Halloween Tie. In the next row, going across: we have Dante sitting on laundry (intent on not letting us sort the clothes); Dante showing his (lack of) interest in The New York Times (he thinks it's fake news); and two photos of him laying on a picnic table in my friend's vacation house in Peconic, New York. And then we have proof that a cat will sleep anywhere, including the windowsill. Finally, Dante just Vogues and strikes a pose!

So a happy birthday to our little baby. Seventeen or not, you'll always be a little kitten to us!

Postscript: I posted the following on Facebook on 2 May 2017:

Anyone who knows cats must know that they do things when they get around to it; so I'm just conveying a message from Dante: thank you for all the love! (He also told me he has at least 8 of the 9 lives left in him, and he'll see y'all next year!)