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The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies: Last 2012 Issue On the Way!

As the year ends, the promised December 2012 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies is on the way! It will be submitted to the printer very shortly, and should be in the hands of subscribers in January 2013.

The New Year brings with it a new publisher for the journal. As explained here:

The JARS Foundation and the Pennsylvania State University Press (PSUP) have entered into a formal collaborative agreement, commencing with the publication in 2013 of Volume 13, Number 1 (Issue 25), covering five years—and beyond.
Our Editorial Board will continue to solicit new articles and attract new writers, working closely with authors and peer readers toward the publication of essays of the finest quality and capacity for intellectual provocation. PSUP will take over the business end of the journal, while the Editorial Board will focus exclusively on the intellectual side of our project. PSUP will manage all aspects of distribution and subscription fulfillment in both print and online journal editions. Our arrangement with PSUP will also provide a more systematic framework for quality control, which will structure our workflow for the submission, double-blind peer review, and tracking of articles as they make their way to publication. And once our editorial work is done, we will submit approved, completed essays to the PSUP production department, which will provide a second level of copyediting and the typesetting of all content.
PSUP will set all institutional and individual pricing, which includes print-only, online-only, or print-and-online subscriptions, inside and outside the United States. There will be options for article downloads on a newly developed website. Indeed, a robust online edition of the journal will have the added, indispensable features and services on which the scholarly community relies, including XML codes on all files, which will be used to produce printable PDFs, as well as PDFs and html files for the web, all fully searchable.
PSUP has partnered with Project Muse and with JSTOR (both its Current Scholarship Program and back issue archive), making possible the extensive digital dissemination of PSUP journals. JARS will be potentially available to thousands of new readers from private and public, domestic and international institutions, corporations, and agencies.
The most important aspect of our collaboration, however, is our plan for the preservation of the journal and its trailblazing content. PSUP participates in CrossRef and all of its journals are now archived at Stanford’s CLOCKSS (Controlled Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe). In essence, JARS, including all of its back issues dating from its 1999 inception, will be a part of the dark archive at Stanford that will preserve its content for the use of scholars and historians in perpetuity.

Penn State Press is already advertising on its site the New Look for a New JARS! Here's a sneak peek at the new look:

The New JARS Look for 2013

And because the journal now has a robust online edition, we have added an E-ISSN to our long-time ISSN:

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number, ISSN 1526-1018; E-ISSN 2169-7132

But let's not get ahead of ourselves!

A New JARS, the last pre-PSUP issue, will be on its way to subscribers shortly. And with it, comes an Expanding Editorial Board and an Expanding Board of Advisors.

I will be posting the Preface I've written in a couple of weeks; for now, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our newly constituted Editorial Board and Board of Advisors.

The Editorial Board now has four editors; the Associate Editor, Robert L. Campbell, has been elevated to the formal Editorial Board, which now includes these four editors:

Robert L. Campbell
Stephen Cox
Roderick T. Long
Chris Matthew Sciabarra

And our Board of Advisors, which suffered the loss of two founding members over the last few years (economist Larry Sechrest and philosopher John Hospers), now boasts six new members and six founding members. I'll be providing additional information on our full Board of Advisors in the coming weeks. The new members are represented below with an asterisk (*).

David T. Beito (History, University of Alabama) *
Peter J. Boettke (Economics and Philosophy, George Mason University) *
Susan Love Brown (Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University) *
Douglas J. Den Uyl (Philosophy, The Liberty Fund)
Mimi Reisel Gladstein (English and Theatre Arts, University of Texas, El Paso)
Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson (Politics, University of Iceland) *
Robert Hessen (History, Emeritus, The Hoover Institution)
Steven Horwitz (Economics, St. Lawrence University) *
Lester H. Hunt (Philosophy, University of Wisconsin)
Eric Mack (Philosophy, Tulane University)
David N. Mayer (Law and History, Capital University Law School) *
Douglas B. Rasmussen (Philosophy, St. John's University)

Finally, here is the cover to our newest issue (December 2012), which features all-new content plus our year-end Index, and a Master Author Index of every article that has appeared in JARS over its first dozen volumes!

The Last 2012 JARS Issue is On the Way!!!

The issue includes the following essays:

Preface: Expanding Boards, Expanding Horizons - Chris Matthew Sciabarra

Sex and the Egoist: Measuring Ayn Rand's Fiction Against Her Philosophy - Emily J. Barr

Taking Pieces of Rand with Them: Ayn Rand's Literary Influence - Robert Powell

Ayn Rand's Objectivist Virtues as the Foundation for Morality and Success in Business - Edward W. Younkins

Private War: Objectivist Political Philosophy and the Privatization of Military Force - Martin van Wetten

Ayn Rand Nation - Neil Parille

Check out the abstracts for these articles here and the contributor biographies here.

Watch this space for more information about our newest issue in the coming weeks. Till then, Happy New Year!