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The Tenth Anniversary of Notablog

On this date, ten years ago, I began "Notablog" as a mere listing that featured links to my articles and to conversations I was having on the web. At the time, I participated in Lord-knows-how-many discussion lists and forums, writing articles for journals, magazines, and encyclopedias, editing The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies and other publications, and even teaching the occasional "Dialectics and Liberty" cyberseminar.

Notablog opened on 26 July 2002, with a link to an article that had been published that day in my hometown paper, The New York Daily News. The piece was entitled "Howard Roark," and it was a contribution to the paper's series, "Big Town Classic Characters: New Yorkers of the American Imagination." It is currently featured on the site of The Atlas Society (at this link).

So much has changed in this world since 2002. This blog itself has gone through quite a few changes, as I began to post original articles, reviews and vigorous dialogue in the comments section (which, in later years, was plagued by so many spam postings that I had to pull the plug).

Today, I post mainly announcements and "Song of the Day" entries, but there are articles and other developments in the works. So stay tuned!

I'd like to thank New York University and its web team for giving me the opportunity to maintain my site and Notablog on its servers. Here's to many more years to come!