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Song of the Day #1045

Song of the Day: Thinking About You, words and music by Kashif and La La, was a Top Ten R&B radio hit (not released to pop radio), and the first song by Whitney Houston to score on the Billboard dance chart, peaking at #24. It was featured on the artist's self-titled debut album. Houston passed away last month, and many have paid tribute to her in the weeks since. Today begins my own 10-day tribute. These are some of my Whitney favorites, with a twist. The artist was very well known for her power ballads. But we'll be "thinking about you," Whitney (and your cast of producers and remixers), and some of the great dance music moments you gave us. Having done a lot of DJ'ing back in the day, I spun Whitney's tracks on my turntables regularly, packing many a dance floor. This particular track can be heard in its wonderfully rhythmic original album version, a Bruce Forest extended dance mix, Ricky Be's Hard House and Trance remix, and the M-phasis RMX.