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Readers of Notablog surely know that I've had a long-time bromance with the great Yankee Captain, shortstop Derek Jeter.

A few minutes ago, DJ got his 3000th hit, the first New York Yankee player... in fact, the first player in the history of New York baseball, and the 4th youngest player in MLB history, to achieve this remarkable career feat. Only 27 other players in baseball history have achieved this feat, and only 10 of these have achieved it with a single team.

DJ did it with style... a Home Run, to tie the score, 1-1, against the Tampa Bay Rays. I am so elated, so proud, so happy for this man. He is pure, unadulterated class.

Three (thousand) cheers for Derek Sanderson Jeter

Ok... there's still a ballgame to play... Yankees just went ahead, 2-1. But oh how sweet it is to see history this afternoon.

PS - DJ, who wears Number 2, hit his 2nd hit of the day at 2pm, only the 2nd player in MLB history to hit a Home Run for his 3000th hit. Oh, and this 3000th hit was his 3rd Home Run of the season.

PPS - DJ goes 5 for 5 on the day, and drives in what becomes the winning run, in a 5-4 Yankee victory!


Derek Jeter is really a pretty damn good bball player. Valued at the millions he is getting paid, don't think so.

I've always considered Jeter to be one of the best players of his generation. I'm looking forward to seeing your Yankees against my Texas Rangers