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Song of the Day #953

Song of the Day: The Lady in My Life, words and music by Rod Temperton, is one of my all-time favorite ballads by Michael Jackson, who passed away one year ago today.  This sensuously rhythmic song is featured on the biggest selling album of them all, "Thriller." Listen to the track on YouTube, in remembrance of a talented soul, gone too soon. Also, take a look at a really nice KurtHugoSchneider medley of Michael Jackson tunes.


It's not bad, i think he sang in one of the films I have on my site.

I cannot acknowledge its really been a yr since he left us, I really feel that in some ways im still in shock, he was the most important pop star that ever was alive.

I still can't believe michael is dead =(

I can't believe a number of the internet sites I have been taken to from stumble upon (precisely currently this specific blog). I was seeking to spend a few tremendously dreary hours away looking for Michael Jackson blogs, when stumble upon landed me right here. What a marvelous site you have got. I'm so thrilled to have seen it. I have just passed the previous twenty mins running through a few of your articles or blog posts, and have furthermore bookmarked some of them. I will definitely be back again in order to read a bit more when i have a bit more time.

Wow, it's been over a year since Michael passed away. God bless him and his family.

A true hero MJ, hope ur up in heaven watching us!

Its really quite tough to think that Michael is no more..he was the king of pop...he will stay in my coronary heart forever. I'm his greatest fan ever.

Hmmm I just continue to love Michael and his voice. Michael was so talented, he will be missed.

Wow I just am mad over Michael and his songs. Michael was one of a kind, we will miss him.