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American Idol 2009 Finale

I haven't written on the 2009 "American Idol" season, but I've been watching, and look forward to the final installments tonight and tomorrow. Here's an interesting piece by Stephen Holden in today's Times.


Poor Adam:(. Though born in Los Angeles, he claimed San Diego as his home town.Hapless San Diego. No Super Bowl champion, no World Series champion, no NBA champion (or team), and now our far superior AI contestant went down in flames.

Kris's win over Adam was a triumph of good looks over good judgement. Which leads me to Randy "lemmetellyasomethinman" Jackson, who is surely the "incoherent babbler" Joel McHale refers to on The Soup. I hit the mute as soon as I hear "igottatellyasomethin" dude. When is the man going to say something intelligent?