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In Memory of A Friend: Larry J. Sechrest

This evening, I spoke to Molly Sechrest, who informed me that her beloved husband, Larry, passed away this morning, October 30, 2008. A brief obituary appears at the site of the Mises Institute.

I had known Larry for over 15 years. He and I developed a deep respect and admiration for one another, and we loved one another as brothers. Larry was, quite simply, family. He was one of my closest personal friends and confidantes, an intellectual of the first rank, a superb thinker and writer, with a keen sense of humor. We shared so much over the years, including war stories of our various health battles. He'd had his ups and downs over the last several months in particular. But this shattering loss has come as a great shock to all of us who loved and honored him.

I hope to have more to say about Larry in the coming days and weeks... but for now, I just wanted to note his passing here at Notablog.

I will miss you, my dear, dear friend.

My love, always,


I spoke to him once at a seminar and he was very friendly and non-elitist unlike some other instructors. He also clarified quite a bit on the Austrian position when he said "Menger is your man".

You have my utmost of condolences. I've been pressing you hard on getting together. When you're through grieving, I'd love to hear from you.

So sorry to read about Larry Sechrest's passing Chris. I didn't know him personally but I've come across various writings of his over the years and it's fair to say that (albeit to a limit extent) he's had his influence on me. You have lost a friend, and for that you have my deepest condolences.