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Song of the Day #911

Song of the Day: The Greatest American Hero ("Believe It Or Not"), music by Mike Post, lyrics by Stephen Geyer, was a huge 1981 hit for Joey Scarbury, from a TV series that I never really watched. But, growing up, I confess... I really liked the theme. Check out the full-song on YouTube, with clips from the TV series.


I watched the series, and I loved the song. In fact, I picked up the album that Mike Post released that had this and other TV themes that he had created on it. It has a great cover of Mike "conducting" an orchestra of televisions. But I was disappointed that the original version of the Rockford Files (another favorite) wasn't on there, but a new, synth-heavy version.

Hey, Michael, thanks for the tip! I know a lot of people who watched the series as well, and loved it.