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Song of the Day #899

Song of the Day: This is My Life, words and music by Bruno Canfora and Antonio Amurri, with English lyrics by Norman Newell, was a huge hit for Shirley Bassey. (It was also recorded by Joanne Barry for her debut album, "This is Me.") The Bassey rendition has been on the lips of many a lip-syncing drag queen for eons. And it was also a perennial favorite on the jukebox at the Stonewall Inn, the bar that was raided by police on this date in 1969, leading to a series of violent reactions from its patrons. And so was born the modern gay liberation movement. Check out the site of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association. And then visit YouTube for a Bassey performance clip and the ever-classic disco version.


Oh, Chris M.S.! U R A-1!

What a great tribute to the STONEWALL Veterans' Association of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion! This is especially so since U somehow chose the ultimate "I Am Gay" song from The Stonewall Inn namely "This Is My Life (And I Don't Give A Damn)" by the dynamite belter Dame Shirley Bassey!
We went as a group to see "Shoiley" many times at Carnegie Hall and Westbury Music Fair. That powerful "TIML" anthem song made us stronger and so proud to be Gay! It still does!!


S.V.A. Prez

Dear Chris Matthew (no "s"),

"Stonewall songs" are the best!! You have many listed in your "My Favorite Things". You picked the best with Shirley Bassey's "This Is My Life"!! Guess I'd have to score and count the things I'm grateful for in my life.... Thank you for the special SZtonewall tribute link!! From, AnDre

So very glad you guys enjoyed this "Song of the Day" and the events it tributes!