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American Idol 2008: Postscript

As a follow-up to my last post, check out two different views of the "American Idol" finale, one from Stephen Holden at the NY Times and the other from Jim Farber at the NY Daily News.

As most observers know, both contestants end up "winning" in the end. As Chris Daughtry has shown, one does not have to be the actual winner in order to win big... in award-winning albums and sales. Both Davids have the promise of wonderful careers ahead of them. But congratulations to David Cook, who won the 97-million vote finale by 12 million votes over David Archuleta.

Now that the competition is over, I'm turning my attention to the next Fox competition, one of my favorites: So You Think You Can Dance.


The AI finale has just this weekend aired over here in the UK. Well done indeed to Cook - I'm inclined agree with Holden regarding Cook's brave against-the-grain choice of final song.

It's probably true though that both Davids will go on to great sucess.

As to Chris Doughtry's point - I would go slightly further. In terms of similar UK shows such as the now defunct Pop Idol (upon which AI was originally based), and Simon Cowell's own creation The X Factor (effectively the UK "successor" show to PI), those that have come second or third in the popular vote have in certain instances actually ended up being far more successful than the winners. (In particular PI winner Michelle McManus, and first XF winner Steve Brookstein, both of whom have faded into obscurity compared to several of the acts they defeated on the shows!)

Good points, all, Matthew; I understand that the Davids are aiming for a pre-Christmas album release.