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Go Giants!

Okay, okay, so they play in Joisey. But they still wear that NY on their helmuts, and the New York Giants are going to the Super Bowl. WTF!?! I can't believe it that Little Manning is taking his team to Arizona.


To face those unbeaten New England Patriots. Ugh.

Well, for the second year in a row, a Manning makes the Super Bowl, and Eli tries to follow his brother Peyton to victory. Well, at least the temperatures will be higher than the ones the Giants had to deal with in Lambeau Field, against the Green Bay Packers. A nice 23-20 sudden death overtime victory for Big Blue. Congratulations!


It hurts that my Chargers won't get the opportunity to face the quarterback who rejected them a few years ago, although the other Southern Boy we got plays with a lot of heart and guts (and attitude).

That being said, may Eli bring down the New England Cheatriots!

And that he did! :)