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IESS Entry on "Objectivism"

I've authored an entry on Ayn Rand's philosophy, "Objectivism," which appears in the new International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, a 9-volume, 4000-page work published by Macmillan Reference USA, edited by William A. Darity, Jr. (Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008). The article can be found in Volume 6: Oaxaca, Ronald - Quotas, Trade, pp. 6-8, but the people at Gale / Cengage Learning have been kind enough to give me permission to post the PDF of the article on my home site.

You can access the essay as a PDF document here.


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The sentence that starts "But some scholars have argued..." made me chuckle.

Well done, C. As always it's nice to see Rand's work fairly characterized.

My my! That's a big reference book.

Congrats on the entry! Chris.

Thanks, Venus, and thanks, Austen.

Thought you'd get a kick out of that line... but at least ~today~ I can say that there actually are several scholars who argue for this point, not just me. LOL

Check out the work by Bernice Rosenthal, for example.

All the best,