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Song of the Day #844

Song of the Day: You Should Be Dancing, written and performed by the Bee Gees, features that soaring Barry Gibb falsetto. This song famously framed John Travolta's classic disco dance sequence (YouTube clip at that link) on the flashing floor of Brooklyn's 2001 Odyssey (which later became a famous gay dance club known as Spectrum). Yes, I'd been to that club, and had danced on that floor, long before the establishment closed for good. Ah, memories ... Listen to an audio clip of this track here. And so concludes our 9-day tribute to "Saturday Night Fever," which debuted on this date, 30 years ago. I'm goin' dancin'...


Chris, didn't that particular track pre-date the film? I think it does, not 100% sure.

Absolutely correct! It's from the 1976 album Children of the World.

The song went to #1 from that album, and had a second life with "SNF."